Hannah understands

News & Articles Published: 08 October 2016

It’s a happy day for Bruce today. It seems like he finally got a day off. Everything is in order: working, no emergency calls from clients, no panic, no rush. It’s just a nice calm Wednesday outside. Later tonight Bruce is having a date with Hannah.

Just like her friend Bruce, Hannah is a small business owner. She knows about his crazy schedule because as a small business owner, she went through all of the stages of this uneasy task to keep the business running. She knows about long hours and lack of sleep; she knows about doing it all at once, filling every place (position) with herself, being everything for her business. Hannah understands.

Hannah has a small local jewelry store where she sells jewelry that she makes herself. Living in a small town in MD, Hannah typically sells locally. Recently one of the new customers stopped by and while buying a gorgeous necklace, which Hannah made of seashells she found taking a long beach walk last weekend, told her about this big handmade jewelry event in New Jersey. Hannah didn’t hesitate to register right away. Events like this are the lucky charm for small business owners like Hannah. She knows that she cannot only sell more, but also make new business connections to grow her little shoppie.

The event was such a success. Hannah sold out almost all of her new “East Coast Beach collection 2016” and gained new customers in New Jersey. This local board walk store in Wildwood, named “Mermaid Gems” now wants to buy Hannah’s jewelry for resale. They found her artwork quite creative and very appealing for the customers. Hannah will create a series of special edition lines just for Mermaid Gems.

Bruce made a great choice bringing Hannah to this wonderful seafood restaurant. As a true Marylander, Bruce knows that MD crabs are the best. Oysters are fresh from the bay and the date is going well. Hannah has also made a great choice. She shared her story with Bruce. She told him everything about the event, new connections, and this great offer from Mermaid Gems. Now when Bruce is fully aware of the complications that small businesses like Bruce’s and Hannah’s may run into, he gives her the best advice ever: to consult with a company N to see possible outcomes and consequences of such partnership.

Hanna understands the value of this advice and dials 301-977-0090 per Bruce’s advice. She doesn’t want to end up paying extra like her date. She can’t afford making mistakes like this, but she sure can afford paying for a simple consultation. Company N lets her know that there’s a possibility of nexus. Now Hannah will be very careful before she starts this wonderful NJ business adventure.


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